"The Man" v. John Perry Barlow

Online Document Repository

Defense Team:

John Perry Barlow
Omar Figueroa
James Clark
John Gilmore


Documents Filed by Defense:

2003.12.05  Motion to Suppress.pdf
2004.09.02  Covenant SDT (Supoena Duces Tecum).pdf
2004.12.14  Opposition to TSA's motion for a protective order.pdf


Documents Filed by DA's Office :

2003.10.17  Complaint & Redacted Discovery.pdf
2003.12.22  Prosecution Opposition to MTS.pdf

Documents Filed on Behalf of TSA

2004.03.22  Letter from AUSA.pdf
2004.03.22  TSA motion for protective order.pdf


Documents Filed on Behalf of Covenant Aviation Security:

2004.03.23  Covenant Responses & Objections to SDT.pdf
2004.03.23  Covenant Declaration in Response to SDT.pdf


Last Updated: December 14, 2004